Cordless Mattress Cleaner M8
Super Suction is the Key to Mite Killing
· Anti-mite & Bacteriostatic
· Portable & Lightweight
· Great Suction
· Long Bttery Life
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A Mattress Cleaner of Great Power and
Chic Design, A True
Mite Killer
ROIDMI M8, a perfect combination of beauty and practicability,wipes out 99.99%
mites hiding in sofa, bed and other cracks,protecting your skin and respiratory

Anti一mite & Bacteriostatic Protection
ROIDMII M8, a powerful cordless mattress cleaner, has a multiple filtration to
keep your family from secondary pollution.

High Power Motor with Great Suction
ROIDMI F8, powered by a 285W motor, makes a 18500Pa tornado to wipe
out mites, hairs and dander.
High power


Report NO.: TB2018_ _05_ 12_ 1
According to: GB/T25441一2010

Super Penetration
Amazing anti一mite effect, results from a 80000 RPM brushless DC motor
providing 80W penetrating suction power.
Brushless DC Motor

Suction Power

Report NO. : 578一18A一01
According to: GB/T 20291.1一2014&IEC 62885一4
CD& QB/T 1562一2014

Multiple Blades Protection
Mites should be swept away by two flexible blades made of nylon and silicone.

Multiple Filtration for Fresh Air
Triple purification system with primary filtration and deep protect from dusts,
hair and allergens Filtrates 99% dust,which can be extremely 0.3 μm. Create
a safe & clean living environment.
purifying rate

0.3 μm
fine particles

3.Polymer sponge keeps
dirt away from fresh air.
2.Recyclable HEPA filter

filtrates dust of extreme
1.Metal mesh provides
primary filtration.

40 Minutes Long Battery Life
No Cracks Left Behind
6 high prower batteries ensure all rooms can be taken good care of.
Long battery life

Battery capacity

According to: GB/T20291一2006

1.3kg Lightweight for One
Hand Operation
Lightweight design allows all the cleaning finished in one hand.

Chic Design for Mite Killing

30°Rotating Base
Flexible for Different Beds

Transparent Encloser
for Powerful Suction

Sort Flannelette Storage Bag for
Precious Care

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