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In the vacuum cleaner industry, product quality and service levels have always been uneven. At present, there are many brands of wireless vacuum cleaners on the market, and most of them tend to be in the low-end market. You can buy them at a price of one hundred yuan, while the expensive one is easily several thousand yuan. Most consumers do not have a deep understanding of wireless vacuum cleaners. Many people think that an ordinary vacuum cleaner that costs more than one hundred yuan can also be used.

But you may not think that low-end and low-quality vacuum cleaners are not only worrying about their quality, they are also likely to become a source of pollution in the home environment. Is it really so difficult to choose a high-quality wireless vacuum cleaner that will satisfy consumers? Committed to building China’s higher-end wireless vacuum cleaner, Rui Mi, is a more trustworthy choice for consumers.
Industry-leading black technology
Remi has mastered the clean black technology. Once its wireless vacuum cleaner products were launched, they were welcomed by the market. With high quality and good reputation, they have withstood the test of users.

In 2018, Ruimi’s first generation wireless vacuum cleaner F8 was launched. The F8 uses a high-power frequency conversion DC digital motor with a speed of up to 100,000 rpm. The power of the whole machine is up to 415W, forming a wind pressure of up to 20800Pa. The tornado-like suction can quickly remove dust. Achieve superior performance. The powerful F8 wireless vacuum cleaner is more friendly at a price of only 1,000 yuan. It quickly crushed the low-end market, hit the high-end market, and ranked among the best in sales. It gained the reputation of countless users and revolutionized the configuration level of the thousand yuan wireless vacuum cleaner.

Soon after the F8 was launched, the innovative Ruimi wireless vacuum cleaner NEX came out in the first half of the year. It was the first to realize the integrated function of wireless vacuum cleaner suction and drag, double cleaning, saving time and effort. The 120,000 rpm digital brushless motor of the Ruimi NEX wireless vacuum cleaner and magnetic suction type wireless charging directly hit consumers’ home cleaning pain points, bringing a more time-saving and more convenient use experience.

In the second half of 19, Ruimi took the lead in launching the first wireless vacuum cleaner ZERO equipped with sterilization function, which realized the three-in-one vacuum and mopping sterilization, the innovative purple micro sterilization system quadruple sterilization, layered protection, effective It solves the hazards of mold and dust in the vacuum cleaner, more efficient and deeper cleaning, and once again at the forefront of the innovative development of handheld vacuum cleaners. In order to make cleaning more convenient, Rui Mi also introduced the easy suction NANO, which is small in size and powerful in the inner core. It breaks through the limitations of time and space, and is more flexible and convenient. Rui Mi continues to make breakthroughs and innovations, with industry-leading black technology, showing the infinite possibilities of the future development of wireless vacuum cleaners.

Fully acclaimed, showing hard core strength
Ruimi pioneered the minimalist style of domestic vacuum cleaners, which are more concise, natural and humane minimalist appearance suitable for various home styles. At the same time, it follows the lightweight design concept to achieve extremely light weight as much as possible while ensuring strong suction, reducing the burden on users in cleaning.

Remi has been recognized by international organizations more and more times, from the German iF Award and the Red Dot Award to the G-Mark Award and the China Good Design Award. Remi has swept well-known design awards at home and abroad. Since its establishment in 2015, Ruimi has made a step by step, and the pace of innovation has become more stable. Ruimi, which has mastered core technology and a number of patents, has always maintained the leading level in the industry, and has achieved new innovations one after another through continuous scientific research and innovation. breakthrough.
Chinese vacuum cleaners can stand the test of global users
In the past, the domestic and foreign vacuum cleaner market was dominated by overseas brands such as Dyson, but the emergence of domestic wireless vacuum cleaner brands such as Rui Mi has been different. While some domestic users are still eager for Dyson, Rui Mi has grown into a domestically produced vacuum cleaner with a high rate of appearance overseas, and it has become a blowout overseas.53
Ruimi vacuum cleaners are exported to more than 60 countries around the world, and are active in major industry exhibitions around the world. They are very strong overseas. They are deeply attracted by mainstream overseas media and users. Home digital experts from all over the world share their wisdom on YouTube, ins, and Facebook. M wireless vacuum cleaner. Remi impresses foreign users with product experience, reputation and quality services, and continues to use its strength to show the world the brand power of domestic wireless vacuum cleaners.

In the face of fierce price wars and imitations in the domestic wireless vacuum cleaner industry. Remi continues to improve production technology, optimize production environment, focus on product quality and service wholeheartedly, adhere to the heart of craftsmanship, and use a meticulous attitude of excellence to bring a healthier quality of life to the families of users around the world. Whether it’s high-quality products, affordable prices or considerate service, Rui Mi deserves to be the first choice for domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaners with the highest comprehensive performance. In the future, Rui Mi will continue to take the responsibility of making domestic boutique vacuum cleaners, leading the development direction of wireless vacuum cleaners, and providing unlimited possibilities for future cleaning.

Post time: Nov-20-2020