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Recently, the local authoritative British media “British Standard Evening News” published a report titled “12 Best Wireless Vacuum Cleaners in 2020”. The article stated that wireless vacuum cleaners are a symbol of high-tech development. Having a perfect wireless vacuum cleaner, life talent Even more splendid! The article selected 12 wireless vacuum cleaners that are most worthwhile for consumers in 2020, and conducted a comprehensive evaluation and analysis from various aspects such as suction, durability, use experience, battery life, and energy consumption.
Mysterious domestic products beat Dyson
Surprisingly, in this in-depth analysis of the “British Evening Standard”, the tycoon of the vacuum cleaner industry, also a British local brand Dyson, lost to the lesser-known Chinese wireless vacuum cleaner brand Ruimi.

The report stated in the product introduction of Ruimi X20: Chinese manufacturer Ruimi X20 has rewritten the industry standard of wireless vacuum cleaners with innovation and high performance. The most important thing is that this vacuum cleaner has an outstanding design and is liked by many users. The X20′s appearance is simple and beautiful. It is made of frosted metal and plastic. It has a sturdy body, comfortable to operate, and has a wealth of accessories. You can complete the cleaning work in different scenarios with just the push of a switch. At the same time, Rui Mi X20 has some extraordinary features that make it stand out among the 12 wireless vacuum cleaners. The most interesting is the magnetic mopping component that can be installed on the vacuum cleaner, which allows the device to mop the floor at the same time when vacuuming. If you are entangled in not knowing whether to vacuum or mop the floor first, then Ruimi X20 is the answer: suction and mopping in one, at the same time. Another highlight is the magnetic wall charger of the Ruimi X20, which can be said to be an excellent solution to the storage problem of vacuum cleaners. A small disadvantage of X20 is that it seems to be a bit noisier than competitors such as Halo Capsule, but we can guarantee that the corresponding functions and quality displayed by it are difficult to surpass.

In the summary analysis at the end of the report, the “British Evening Standard” bluntly stated: With its innovative features, eye-catching design and excellent all-round performance combination, we recommend the Ruimi X20 as the best choice for wireless vacuum cleaners in 2020. From powerful suction power and powerful running time, to convenience and simplicity, the advantages of all vacuum cleaners are perfectly embodied in the wireless vacuum cleaner of Ruimi X20.

In some respects, Dyson V11 is also a very good device, with stronger suction power and excellent components, making it one of the excellent choices. However, so far, Rui Mi X20 is more prominent.
Domestic products are on the rise
So this domestic wireless vacuum cleaner is really so powerful, can it confront Dyson head-on? We learned from the official website of Ruimi that the domestic version of the Ruimi X20 wireless vacuum cleaner is called the Ruimi NEX next-generation wireless vacuum cleaner. The domestic version of NEX was launched at the beginning of the month, and the overseas crowdfunding platform INDIEGOGO was launched at the beginning of July. With outstanding overseas crowdfunding achievements, it became the first overseas crowdfunding brand of domestic wireless vacuum cleaners.

This vacuum cleaner is like the “British Evening Standard” said, from the appearance of the design is unforgettable. Ruimi vacuum cleaner pioneered the pure white and simple design of wireless vacuum cleaners. Unlike the strong and heavy industrial style of Dyson and other overseas vacuum cleaners, the X20 is based on a more simple, natural and humane Nordic style, with a compact machine. The body design greatly enhances the user’s perception and usage, and fits the home decoration style of Nordic families, and is deeply loved by overseas users.
Pay more attention to the quality of life and the pursuit of spirit to enjoy British users seem to appreciate the X20′s super performance. The powerful power system of Ruimi NEX supports its perfect suction and drag performance. The new generation Engine-X digital brushless motor has a speed of 120,000 revolutions per minute, and the power of the whole machine reaches 435W. It can be stable with the innovative direct suction duct design. The output is 145AW suction power and 23500Pa vacuum degree, the suction power is increased by 30%, and the dust naturally has nowhere to escape! And the innovative suction and drag integrated function has moved the hearts of overseas users.

Dyson fell off the altar
After reviewing this report in the Evening Standard, it is not difficult to find that in the face of 12 excellent vacuum cleaners, Dyson does not show an absolute advantage in terms of product performance, experience or price. Even unexpectedly, the unknown Chinese brand of Rui Mi went down.

Once, Dyson wireless vacuum cleaner came out, there is a paragraph on the Internet saying: As we all know, there are only two brands of vacuum cleaners, Dyson and others. Dyson’s position in the vacuum cleaner industry is evident. And so far, whether it is Dyson’s product update iterations or consumer services provided, it seems that it is not so satisfactory. Even as early as February last year, the authoritative American consumer magazine “Consumer Reports” issued an article stating that Dyson’s products are being removed from the recommended list of wireless vacuum cleaners because of its unsatisfactory durability.
Coincidentally, some domestic media also questioned the propaganda point of Dyson’s “no suction loss” in the Chinese market, and bluntly believed that Dyson was suspected of secretly changing the concept when describing product performance, and tried to use “no suction loss”. The concept of “loss” makes consumers mistakenly believe that it is very durable.

This is exactly what Dyson has been doing in the high-end small home appliance market in recent years. It treats hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric fans and other products not as small home appliances, but as a kind of luxury goods, and even high-end business gifts. “Liwuli” technical concept packaging, thus creating a new commercial road in the Chinese market, but the product experience and after-sales service are widely criticized, and some users even believe that Dyson’s high price is the IQ tax.

Built rising Chinese people’s confidence in the brand
In China’s home appliance industry, only the vacuum cleaner industry is still dominated by Dyson, a foreign brand, and now the domestic wireless vacuum cleaner Ruimi has defeated Dyson and has become the preferred brand recommended by the British Evening News. Ruimi is working hard to change Chinese vacuum cleaners. The current state of the market.
At present, Ruimi vacuum cleaners have been sold in 60 countries overseas, and a global sales network of Ruimi is being formed. Not only the “British Evening Standard”, the British “Mirror”, the UK’s number one consumer electronics technology publication “TechAdvisor”, the authoritative fashion magazine “GStyle Magazine” and other mainstream media rush to report, and home digital experts from all over the world All share the Ruimi vacuum cleaner from China on YouTube, ins, Facebook and Twitter.

When Chinese brands are self-improving, Chinese consumers should also be more confident in Chinese brands. In terms of product research and development, Ruimi has carried out product innovations for Chinese families, and realized the first suction and drag integration and healthy sterilization function in the push rod wireless vacuum cleaner industry, and its core skills are also at the industry-leading level. Reimi continues to innovate on itself, using strength to reflect the self-confidence of Chinese brands. Today, Ruimi is also expected to become a challenger to Dyson’s best strength, representing the Chinese wireless vacuum cleaner brand and leading the global wireless vacuum cleaner industry!

Post time: Nov-19-2020