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On January 21, ROIDMI vacuum cleaner released its first self collecting dust cleaning robot. This sweeper robot mainly promotes intelligent dust collection technology, which can automatically collect dust and pack garbage without dirty hands in the process of cleaning, declaring that ROIDMI has officially entered the field of sweeper robot.

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In recent years, with the rapid development of clean appliances, the daily labor which used to consume a lot of energy and physical strength has been replaced by machines. For example, sweeping robots, people living in the city work fast and don’t have much spare time to deal with housework, so cleaning appliances bring advanced solutions.

Before going out to work in the morning, start the sweeping robot. So when you get home at night, you can see the clean ground. This undoubtedly allows people to get rid of the daily chores and have their own time.

ROIDMI from the air purifier to the wireless vacuum cleaner, has obtained the good user public praise. After getting in touch with the sweeping robot, ROIDMI was down-to-earth and overcame numerous difficulties, and finally launched ROIDMI’s first self collecting dust sweeping robot. 

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According to ROIDMI, the current sweeping robots in the world are based on the traditional cleaning concept and have the process of collecting garbage after cleaning. This will undoubtedly make cleaning cumbersome and increase the probability of secondary pollution. ROIDMI’s self dust collection robot mainly focuses on the concept of self dust collection. The garbage in the dust box will be sucked into a garbage bag by the dust collection station. When the garbage bag is full, it can be directly carried away, which is very convenient.

The cleaning station is a rear suction type, a charging station and an intelligent garbage can. When the sweeper and tractor recharge, it can automatically empty the dust box. It also has the unique deodorization ion, antibacterial and deodorization. At the same time, it can avoid the two troubles of dirty hands eating ash and garbage smelling.

Since it’s called a vacuum cleaner, it naturally supports mopping. The new intelligent micro control water tank can intelligently control the uniform water discharge through the micro control chip, so that the mop can always maintain the best humidity. The 250ml large water tank can be towed at a time of 300m? Without changing water in the middle.

It is reported that ROIDMI’s sweeping robot has been put on the Xiaomi product platform, with a pre-sale price of 2999 yuan.

Post time: Feb-01-2021