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Recently, the domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaner Ruimi released its 2020 new product-Ruimi NEX2 next-generation smart cleaning flagship wireless vacuum cleaner, which is highly anticipated by users. Once released, it has received widespread attention.

As the vane of black technology for domestic vacuum cleaners, the new NEX2 of Ruimi continues the minimalist design of last year’s flagship explosive NEX, while the black technology is upgraded again. Among them, the NEX2Pro model adopts a deep space gray color scheme, which highlights the technological texture and makes Consumers can more intuitively feel Reimi’s simpler clean black technology.

 This time, NEX2 also innovated a smart screen to allow users to understand the operation of the vacuum cleaner during the cleaning process. NEX2 is equipped with a black and white LED screen, and NEX2Pro is equipped with a smart OLED color screen, which displays dynamic information such as suction and power consumption in real time during cleaning, and can display calorie consumption scores, allowing users to see the current cleaning status at a glance and a stronger cleaning experience.

In addition to the eye-catching appearance, the performance of NEX2 is truly upgraded with black technology. NEX2 has reached the strongest performance of Rui Mi so far. The first is the power of the vacuum cleaner that consumers care about most. The suction power of NEX2 has been increased to the strongest 150W at present. In addition, NEX2 is equipped with a second-generation digital brushless motor that can achieve a speed of 120,000 revolutions per minute, and the vacuum level has reached 26.5KPa, making the cleaning experience smoother. Compared with the previous generation, the energy efficiency ratio is greatly improved, and it brings stronger performance.<span”>


The new Air-X2.0 dust and gas separation system, innovative dust filter and air purification system, separate dust and dirt like dust cups through 8 parallel tornadoes, to avoid the suction drop caused by the blockage of the ventilation duct, and to avoid the trouble of frequent cleaning of the filter, 360 °Efficiently absorb fine dust and discharge clean air.

In addition to the ultra-high performance ahead of domestic wireless vacuum cleaners, in order to meet the user’s requirements for simple operation, Ruimi also innovatively designed the NEX-V all-round roller brush. The NEX-V all-round roller brush is still made of hydrophobic materials and V-shaped roller brush design. The design can eliminate hair entanglement, and the high and low hair roller brush design realizes the universal use of all scenes. Whether it is carpet or floor, it can be perfectly solved with a NEX-V all-round roller brush.
Ruimi NEX2 continues the NEX suction and drag integrated function. NEX2 innovatively adopts the second-generation see-through magnetic suction and drag integrated component, which can be done at the same time after suction and dragging. Magnetic suction-free installation design, pull it off when needed, pull it off when not needed. The water tank adopts plant bionic slow-drop technology, the water is evenly discharged, and the mop is automatically absorbed and wetted.

Post time: Nov-20-2020