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Recently, Ruimi’s new product NEX2 next-generation smart cleaning flagship vacuum cleaner officially landed on Xiaomi Youpin and started its first pre-sale! As a domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaner brand, this time Ruimi’s new wireless vacuum cleaner NEX2 is Ruimi’s flagship vacuum cleaner with the strongest performance to date. If you start with a vacuum cleaner, the Ruimi NEX2 vacuum cleaner will be your best choice.


Ruimi’s new product NEX2 has 2 models, NEX2Pro Space Gray and NEX2 Ink White. The most notable feature of the appearance is that both models are mounted on the smart display screen. Among them, NEX2Pro Deep Space Gray interprets the future of technology, continues the classic design of six awards, innovates equipped with OLED smart screen, creates a new clean black technology, and displays dynamic information such as suction and power in real time during cleaning, and can display calorie consumption scores for real-time control Clean trends. NEX2 continues the minimalist design of Ruimi NEX Ink White, equipped with an LED black and white display, and the clean dynamics are under control.
The performance of Ruimi’s new product NEX2 has been upgraded again! NEX2 has a suction power of 150W, a cleaning motor of 120,000 revolutions per minute, and a vacuum degree of 26,500 Pa, realizing a real vacuum cleaner with high suction power. Air-X 2.0, 8 cones of dust and gas separation, through 8 parallel tornadoes to separate the dust and throw it into the dust cup, avoiding the clogging of the air duct and reducing the suction power, eliminating you from cleaning the filter frequently and maintaining a constant suction power. The new BMS-X 2.0 system optimizes the management of 8 LG/Samsung power lithium batteries to achieve up to 70 minutes of battery life. It only needs to be charged once for cleaning 450 square meters, so you don’t have a sense of battery anxiety and no longer need to worry about charging battery life!


The NEX2 floor brush adopts the NEX-V all-round roller brush. The roller brush is designed with innovative height and low hair. It is also suitable for floor tiles, floors and carpets, which can realize the whole scene with one brush. The V-shaped anti-entanglement structure makes hair cleaning easier. After using the Ruimi NEX2 vacuum cleaner, there is no need to worry about entanglement of hair during use.

The second-generation magnetic suction and drag integrated assembly, first suck and drag at the same time. This time, the Ruimi NEX2 Pro vacuum cleaner continues the suction and drag integration of the Ruimi NEX 1, and upgrades the second generation of the suction and drag component to adopt the plant bionic slow-drop technology, which can evenly absorb water and wet the mop during mopping, so that the mop can remain moist for a long time. Better mopping effect.

The six-fold filter can be called an antibacterial air purifier on a vacuum cleaner. With the Ruimi NEX2 vacuum cleaner, you no longer have to worry about the problem of secondary air pollution by emitting dust like other vacuum cleaners. Ruimi’s six-layer air filtration system can be at ease and comfortable during use.


At the same time, Rui Mi NEX2 also has many user-friendly details. NEX2 is equipped with a light-sensing LED illuminator , when it encounters a place with too dark light when vacuuming, it will automatically turn on the illuminator, so that you can better see the dust, so that the dust in the corner is clean and there are no dead spots! Ruimi NEX2 The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a user-friendly one-button dump design, which only needs to be pointed at the trash can with a light press, which will not dirty your hands or eat ashes. The capacity of the dust cup is upgraded to 0.55L, and the dust only needs to be poured once to clean 450 square meters.


This time, Rui Mi’s new product NEX2 was released, which will once again create the myth of domestic vacuum cleaners. It has consolidated the leading position of Ruimi in domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaners. Ruimi New Product NEX2The world premiere of Xiaomi Youpin is coming! The rice noodle festival has unexpected offers, so what are you waiting for!

Post time: Nov-20-2020