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Recently, the domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaner brand Rui Mi launched new products again. In 2020, Ruimi’s flagship new product NEX2 next-generation wireless vacuum cleaner will officially land on Xiaomi Youpin and start pre-sale. Careful friends can find that Ruimi vacuum cleaners have developed rapidly in the vacuum cleaner market in recent years, especially the flagship NEX next-generation wireless vacuum cleaner released last year, which is the king of domestic wireless vacuum cleaner performance, and the flagship new product NEX2 in 2020 has once again subverted domestic wireless. The vacuum cleaner industry has created a new peak.


Product performance that vacuum cleaner users are concerned about. The Ruimi NEX2 released this time shocked many technology enthusiasts. Ruimi NEX2 uses a new generation of digital brushless motors, the motor speed has reached an astonishing 12,000 rpm, the vacuum has reached 26.5Kpa, and the suction power has also been increased to 150W. Under such super performance, the wisdom of Ruimi innovation has been added. The screen function reflects a full sense of technology.
The new NEX2 has also made great improvements in terms of battery life. NEX2 continues the magnetic suction wireless charging system of the previous generation NEX, making charging fast, efficient, and safe, and bid farewell to troublesome charging problems. This time, the Ruimi NEX2 vacuum cleaner uses the newly upgraded BMS-X 2.0 battery system. It can optimize the management of 8 LG/Samsung power lithium batteries, increase the power storage capacity and reduce the frequency of charging, achieving a maximum of 70 minutes Battery life, only need to charge once to clean 450 square meters. This system is undoubtedly a great improvement for users.

The new Ruimi NEX2 adds more user-friendly design on the original basis. For example, the scroll brush of NEX2 can switch the whole scene at will. The unique and innovative NEX2-V all-round roller brush adopts high and low hair design, which combines difficult carpet and floor tiles. Whether the tube is carpet or floor tiles, it can be perfectly solved with a brush head. In addition, the NEX2-V all-round roller brush has a V-shaped shape and an anti-entanglement structure that makes hair cleaning easier.
The flagship product NEX2 released this time also has a wealth of product components, which can be used in one machine. In addition to the mite-removing brush that is equipped in NEX, NEX2Pro has created a pet brush for pet users, which can help pets dredge their pet hair, promote blood circulation, remove the hair, and make the pet hair smooth and beautiful. , Let the vacuum cleaner instantly become an exquisite modeling artifact for cute pets.
Ruimi’s new product NEX2 is full of black technology and user-friendly design, not only has a high-value appearance, but also a powerful suction performance. Nowadays, whether it is market demand, industrial process or competitive landscape, China’s vacuum cleaner market is ushering in a new round of development. The domestic high-end vacuum cleaner Ruimi has become the most suitable high-end wireless vacuum cleaner for Chinese users’ needs and home scenarios. Exploring the global vacuum cleaner market, it is expected to become a world-renowned domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaner brand.

Post time: Nov-20-2020