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Recently, the domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaner brand Ruimi completed the crowdfunding of its flagship new product X30 Pro for 2020 on indiegogo. It is reported that as of July 1, Ruimi X30 Pro has achieved outstanding results on the well-known US crowdfunding platform indiegogo. , The crowdfunding amount exceeded RMB 3 million, which won wide support and response from overseas users, setting a new record for overseas crowdfunding of domestic wireless vacuum cleaners!
In the last 7 years, Ruimi logged in to Indiegogo with the X20 and completed the goal on the first day of crowdfunding. This year, the flagship new product X30 Pro once again logged in Indiegogo crowdfunding, which is close to the high customer unit price of Dyson, and is still 77 times more than the crowdfunding. The goal of fundraising has once again created a new miracle of overseas crowdfunding of domestic wireless vacuum cleaners. In the context of the global epidemic and the economic downturn, Ruimi wireless vacuum cleaners have broken through and successfully stirred the international vacuum cleaner market, becoming a Chinese wireless vacuum cleaner brand recognized by foreigners.
Avoid dissatisfaction with water and soil, and do cleaning that understands overseas users better
Looking back at the development history of domestic wireless vacuum cleaners, “imitators”, “followers”, and “plagiarism” seem to be hard to get rid of labels. Rimi takes the needs of overseas customers as the core and differentiates highlights to avoid the unaccustomed domestic brands going overseas. The RMI X30 Pro, which participated in overseas crowdfunding this time, has been fully upgraded on the basis of the X20 crowdfunded last year. It is known as the strongest flagship of RMI so far, and it is also the top configuration in the domestic high-end wireless vacuum cleaner market. The parameters are comparable to the Dyson V11, and it is also recognized by foreign consumers as “the only wireless vacuum cleaner that can be compared with Dyson.”

The biggest highlight of Ruimi X30 Pro is the eye-catching deep space gray color scheme, which perfectly integrates futuristic black technology and minimalist design, makes up for the single style of wireless vacuum cleaners in overseas markets, and creates a new style in the international wireless vacuum cleaner market. style. In addition, the newly added OLED smart display of X30 Pro has also firmly attracted the attention of overseas users. This small display greatly increases the sense of future and technology of X30 Pro, and creates intelligence for overseas users. Infinite fantasy of home and future life.
Taking into account the different home improvement styles and life scenes of users at home and abroad, the NEX-V all-round roller brush created by the Ruimi X30 Pro for cleaning and reducing the burden is applicable to all scenes, one brush to the end, no need to change different roller brushes according to carpets, floors, and floor tiles . NEX-V uses nano-level hydrophobic fibers, waterproof and anti-fouling. The roller brush is added with an ion antibacterial coating to inhibit the growth of germs. The V-shaped structure can gather hair and effectively prevent hair entanglement. The high and low hair roller brush achieves deep and efficient cleaning. Won the hearts of overseas users. The near-perfect Ruimi X30 Pro has created a successful overseas sales of domestic wireless vacuum cleaners.

Six years of going to sea, the road of domestic brands to break through the cocoon and become a butterfly

As a cutting-edge brand that has only been established for 5 years, it seems difficult for Ruimi wireless vacuum cleaners to enter overseas markets. In 1901, the world’s first vacuum cleaner was born in the United Kingdom. Since then, the vacuum cleaner, a cleaning tool, has become popular and has long been monopolized by overseas brands. But this does not hinder the ambition of Remi to go overseas. As early as its establishment, Remi set its sights on the development of overseas markets with greater space.

It is understood that this is already the fifth overseas trip of the domestic brand of Rui Mi. In the face of the embarrassment of domestic major companies being unaccustomed, after continuous exploration, Remi not only firmly grasped the hearts of overseas users, but also continued to innovate, break through themselves and grow rapidly. After six years of rapid rise, the domestic wireless vacuum cleaner brand Ruimi has already had the hard-core strength to compete with international wireless vacuum cleaner brands such as Dyson.
In product design, Reimi refuses to imitate the heavy industrial design of Dyson and his like, and its original Nordic minimalist design stands out; in terms of performance, Reimi’s simpler black technology has always remained at the forefront of the international vacuum cleaner industry; in terms of function , Rui Mi not only pioneered the concept of a push-rod wireless vacuum cleaner with suction and drag, but also innovated to create a trinity of suction, drag and bacteria removal. These are the core advantages that foreign brands do not possess.

Today, Ruimi vacuum cleaners have been sold in 60 countries overseas, and a global sales network of Ruimi is being formed, and it has been received by the “British Evening Standard”, the British “Mirror”, and the UK’s number one consumer electronics publication “TechAdvisor” , The authoritative fashion magazine “GStyle Magazine” and other mainstream media are rushing to report, home digital experts from all over the world are sharing the Ruimi vacuum cleaner from China on YouTube, ins, Facebook, and Twitter.

Flowers outside the wall and fragrance inside the wall, Remi wants to build up Chinese brand confidence

Remi has taken a different approach. It has gone to sea five times in six years and flexed its muscles. It has experienced long-term and rigorous tests in overseas markets. It has blossomed outside the wall and has a strong momentum. It has been at the forefront of the overseas vacuum cleaner market. Today, in China’s home appliance industry, only the vacuum cleaner industry is still dominated by Dyson, a foreign brand. Remi has also been working hard to change the status quo of China’s vacuum cleaner market, continuously innovating products for Chinese households, using its strength to build the self-confidence of the Chinese brand, reflecting the self-confidence of the Chinese brand.

Since its establishment, the Ruimi brand has always adhered to high-end brand positioning, international standards and positive development, leading independent brands to achieve quality breakthroughs, and going out of the development path of high-end domestic brand positioning, quality first, and innovation driven. Chinese brands should be self-reliant. Now, Rui Mi is expected to develop into the world’s leading wireless vacuum cleaner brand and lead the global wireless vacuum cleaner industry!

Post time: Nov-19-2020