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What are the household cleaning tools that modern families need? I believe we are very clear about this, that is, to be more intelligent and be able to easily clean the household. To meet the cleaning needs of all scenes in the domestic environment is the intelligent cleaning tool we pursue.

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Just recently, ROIDMI launched a new generation of intelligent sweeping robots, breaking the constraints of traditional sweeping robots, and using a more intelligent sweeping robot to realize the needs of intelligent cleaning of household hygiene, thus freeing hands and saying goodbye to manual cleaning.

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ROIDMI sweeper robot Eve plus, with 850W large suction, can clean the dust, particles and hair anywhere in the home.

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ROIDMI sweeper robot has a smart dust collection and cleaning station, a charging station and an intelligent garbage can. After cleaning, it automatically empties the dust box and packs when the dust is full. It also has the unique smell removing ion, antibacterial and deodorization, and avoids the two troubles of dirty hands eating ash and garbage smelling. These are the needs of our household cleaning for the sweeping robot, which can meet all our needs for the intelligent sweeping robot.

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Every family for the need of ROIDMI sweeper robot, what are you waiting for, hurry up!!! Shangxiaomi Youpin search ROIDMI sweeping robot.

Post time: Feb-01-2021